Fruitizm is a product of Pisum Food Services(India) Pvt. Ltd. which mainly deals with selling fresh fruits to your doorstep. Fruit is the ultimate brain fuel! The fact is we should eat at least five fruits and vegetables a day. Is there enough fruit available at home or place where we work and spend most of our time? The answer is probably NO.

That's why we decided to integrate the fruit in your daily life by providing a simple and adaptable delivery service. Our fruit products include cut fruits, assorted fruit boxes, fresh juices, smoothies, detox drinks, weight loss drinks, summer drinks, healthy fruit snacks, milkshakes and health specific packages which fit in your budget and tastes. Get a healthy snack choice option at home, office, school, hospitals or event.

About Us


At pisum food services we are committed to provide great service. What makes us different from others is our love to food and to do our best to serve you. Wherever we prepare food for our customer, their demand for quality, option and value are equally as selective as you would find on the high street. Our customer attention is driving the growth and innovation in our food offers, brands and service in order to entice people to our food outlets day in day out. Our menus are designed to be as personalized as possible and our most important strength is the trust our customers entrust with us.


To cultivate, manufacture, process and serve best in class food retaining freshness and hygiene, fit for daily consumption.


A globally recognized food company nourishing every day routine.


Quality - When it comes to food, there can be no compromise whatsoever. No one knows that better than us.We strive to provide you with the best, fresh food and the best service to deliver it to you.

Contentment- For Pisum, contentment lies with happiness spreading in your tummy with every bite. We realize this and make sure that all our customers leave contented.

Hygiene & Freshness - Hygienic and fresh food is our basic right. Pisum brings to you the cleanest and most hygienic food right from nature’s lap into yours.

Novelty - We are the only top rated online store in Pune where you get all seasonal fresh fruits, dry fruits, assorted cut and packed, a monthly subscription of the fruit basket, dry fruit boxes & gift boxes online with high-grade quality and reasonable rates, with cash on delivery.

Commitment & Time Adherence: With perishable goods, it is of high importance to make sure that you get the right product at the right time and in the right condition. We undertake this responsibility wholly and solely.

Innovation: Our services are a product of creativity and innovation, careful analysis of our customers' requirements and an excellent approach towards continuous evolution.

Who We Are?

We are set of a young enthusiastic entrepreneurs who have experience of running startups successfully. Our vision is to serve best quality and healthy food to the world by using technology and innovation.

What We Do?

We aim to provide people a healthy and tasty food item that pleases the tongue and are rich in nutrition. Most of us know that junk food is unhealthy and addictive which results in poor nutrition and health related issues. Our core perception is to promote healthy food. We use finest fruits and vegetables in our fruit juices, smoothies, sandwiches and salad. “Create Healthy Habits Not Restrictions.”

Why choose us


“We are all about exceptionally good at food and energetic about our great service.”

We're here to supply a selection of high quality, healthy and well balanced food to meet people's requirement throughout the day. Energizing tired minds and refueling the productivity of people at work; Providing a taste when you're a distance away from home.

Following are the quick reasons why you should choose Pisum Food Services(India) Pvt. Ltd.


Good hygiene is necessary for you and we make sure that the food we sell is safe to eat. We prepare and store food correctly to curtail the risk of food.


Main concern about the food is quality, we strive hard to keep the quality of our food best. We prepare and store food correctly to curtail the risk of food.


Today, food has become an item that should first plead our eyes not our taste buds.We use only risk-free preservative and you can count on us.


We aim to provide food that our customers will enjoy and our secret is to serve freshly prepared food that makes it taste yummy and delicious.

Technology And Innovation

We use technology to provide quick and easier reach to our services. We keep innovating our food technologies and recipes to serve our customers better.


We pride ourselves in providing best services to our customers and in various sectors. We also provide fast home delivery to home and offices.